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"What is most personal is most universal."

- Carl Rogers

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Hello, Welcome to my website.

Chances are that you may be experiencing some stress, dissatisfaction or disenchantment in life; feelings of hopelessness, irritability, anxiety, anger, loneliness or despair; including, even embarrassment, shame, guilt or grief.

You may also be having some trouble quitting, reducing or changing a habit, behaviour or substance. In the past, this behaviour may have felt safe, familiar and intuitive, helped you cope or even temporarily escape; except now, you notice that it may be causing some challenges and interfering with the present.

Perhaps you also notice misalignment between your wants and needs; disillusionment between your dreams, expectations & ideals compared to real life. You may even see inconsistencies between your values and goals versus the actions you take; this may cause dissonance between the ‘idealized’ version of yourself and the ‘actual’ you. You might also be grieving the loss of a part of your identity; such as, a core physical feature or defining attribute, role, self-narrative or, a relationship, attachment figure or secure base. More generally, you may also feel a sense of being stuck, conflicted, powerless or unfulfilled.

These are completely normal facets of the human condition and looking into some outside supports is one step to address these often difficult, confusing, and overwhelming feelings. ​I recognize that seeking support or taking the step to speak to someone can be a frightening process and assure you that I will meet you where you are at; in a safe, kind, genuine and non-judgmental space.

Together, we will find meaning, clarity and a renewed sense of connection and acceptance. We will also uncover, sharpen and bring into awareness the tools, strengths, coping skills and capabilities that you already have. Our work together will help you feel more empowered, hopeful and in control when tackling life’s challenges and embracing change.

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